Low impact.ContentCreation

Neulich bin ich über diese erfrischende Initiative gestolpert:

Quelle: lowimpact.organicbasics.com/eur

The low impact manifesto

The internet is dirty. Data transfer requires electricity, which creates carbon emissions — and this leads to climate change. The Low Impact website reduces data transfer by up to 70% in comparison to our regular website.


A Low Impact website:

1. Does not load any images before they are actively requested by the user.

2. Minimizes the power consumption on the users device.

3. Adapts to reflect the amount of renewable energy it’s currently running on.

4. Informs the user of the impact of their browsing behavior.

5. Does not make use of videos.

6. Stores data locally on the user’s device to minimize data transfer.

7. Compresses all data to the greatest extent possible.

8. Loads only the most crucial programming scripts, frameworks and cookies.

9. Limits the amount of light emitted by the screen.

10. Optimizes and limits the use of custom fonts.


Um gleich Teil der Lösung zu sein wurde der source code zur Verfügung gestellt:

We decided to make the source code of the Low Impact Website publicly available for companies wanting to make their own website greener.